Backpocket Hero is Undergoing Website Maintenance

Until we’re back online, here’s 10 things to know about Janice:

  1. Loves all things space, including; Star Wars and Star Trek. You’ll find Yoda and Darth sprinkled all over her bedroom and work desk.
  2. Singing is more than a hobby, it’s huge! When not singing with the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco, you’ll find her at The Mint karaoke bar.
  3. Cooks in high heels. Breaks in the shoes and makes cooking funner!
  4. Fast cars. Six speed turbo charged and nothing less.
  5. Must love dogs. Period.
  6. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Caring for the planet isn’t so hard, it just means making mindful eco habits like shopping eco friendly and taking Muni or Bart.
  7. Purple. The color, the song, anything…ok maybe not purple food, but almost anything.
  8. Organization addict. Spreadsheets, storage boxes, label makers, and color-coded folders are the stuff of brilliance.
  9. Part-time vegetarian. Occasionally eats hot wings and pork shanghai dumplings. Shhh, don’t judge!
  10. World travel. When not organizing stellar events, you’ll find her lounging on the beach with a good sci-fi book.

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